May 30, 2016

FreeBSD - man pages

FreeBSD text image

FreeBSD and other Unix systems use man pages for system documentation, they are called by the man command. For FreeBSD the following are useful man pages:

  • man firewall will give advice for building a FreeBSD firewall
    man hier will explain the way FreeBSD filesystems are normally laid out.
  • Man pages are divided into section depending on topic. There are 9 different sections numbered from 1 (General Commands) to 9 (Kernel Developer’s Manual).
    You can get an introduction to each topic by typing man <number> intro In other words, to get the intro to general commands, type man 1 intro
  • man ports gives many useful hints about installing FreeBSD ports.
  • man security gives very good advice on how to tune the security of your FreeBSD system.
  • man tuning gives some tips how to tune performance of your FreeBSD system.

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